Adult and Online Studies Academic Policies

Online Studies provides a variety of academic programs for working adults looking to build on their education and to enhance their career opportunities.

Academic policy information for all undergraduate and graduate programs can be found in the Academic Catalog.


Students who enroll in Online Studies programs are responsible for having access to a computer, email capabilities and Internet connectivity capable of linking to the Tusculum University Web site. Tusculum University provides for computer/Internet accessibility at its instructional sites. If any students are unable to obtain access to the Internet connectivity and e-mail capabilities either on their own or through the use of University -supplied facilities, the University will assist them in identifying other convenient Internet access locations.

Students in Online Studies consistently use computers to complete assignments throughout the curricula. It is strongly recommended that students entering their respective programs be proficient in executing the following skills: (a) typing, (b) file management (open, save, delete, move, copy, create folders, save file in specified folder), (c) familiarity with windows (maximize, minimize, close), (d) using and installing software (open programs; use spell check; cut, copy, and paste within a document; insert graphic image; and, change font and font attributes), and (e) basic Internet usage (navigate in browser, send and receive e-mail).