Evidence has shown that successful applicants to the University will have taken challenging college preparatory classes and be intrinsically motivated to succeed. Applicants must meet the below requirements to qualify for admission:

Students with an overall ACT score of 18 and higher (equivalent SAT) and a high school GPA of 2.0 and higher will be admitted to Tusculum University.

Students with an overall ACT score of less than 18 (equivalent SAT) or with no ACT/SAT score may be admitted based on a review of students’ high school academic records by the Admissions and Standards Committee.

Students with a 2.65 GPA or greater do not need ACT/SAT exam scores for admittance.

Admission decisions are based on a careful review of the applicant’s previous academic preparation, high school grade point average and ACT and/or equivalent SAT score (when available). The Admissions and Standards Committee may review the academic record of applicants who do not meet the University’s standard of admission to determine their academic potential at Tusculum University. The Committee will recommend acceptance of applicants to the Provost. If any additional information is needed for further review, the Office of Admission will contact the student. Items requested may include, but are not limited to, information regarding special accomplishments, honors and awards, community service projects, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement that may help put the student’s academic background into context.  Supporting documents should be emailed to

For students using the GED, a minimum score of 410 must be obtained on each subject test with an average of 450 overall. A combined minimum score must be at least 2250 or the HiSet equivalent.

The University expects applicants to demonstrate their preparedness for University level work in academic core courses. Candidates for admission must have completed at least 12 college preparatory courses. The University recommends that candidates include four or five academic subjects in their course loads each year to meet the following recommended high school programs:

  • Four units of English
  • Three college preparatory mathematics (Algebra I and II and Geometry suggested)
  • Three units of history/social studies
  • Two units of science, of which one must include a lab component

In addition, candidates must complete the following:

  • Submit a completed application for admission with a signed honor pledge
  • Submit official secondary school transcript(s)
  • Submit official score report(s) on the ACT or SAT. There is no preference for either the ACT or SAT. The evaluation of those who submit results of both will rely on whichever test score is comparatively stronger.  Tusculum University will consider all official test scores from multiple tests dates. The highest composite score from among each test will be used. There is no limit to the number of test scores you may submit with your application.
  • Study of a foreign language is not required, however, it is included in the calculation of an academic grade point average for admission consideration

Freshmen with transferable credit or dual enrollment must submit ALL official transcripts from all colleges and universities prior to the first day of class at Tusculum to receive credit for that class. The official transcripts must come in a sealed envelope from the institution(s) attended. The transcript(s) should be mailed to Tusculum University, PO Box 5051, Greeneville, TN 37745 or be sent via certified transcript service.

Veterans may submit a certified Veteran’s Form DD214 showing an honorable discharge with at least six months service. Those still active may submit basic training documents for credit review.

Applicants who have been educated in a home school program should follow the same procedures as any other candidate for the freshman class. A high school transcript and documentation or high school diploma or its equivalency (e.g., GED) should be presented.

For more information regarding application review, readmission, special student status, and more, click here.