The Gateway

Tusculum College was among the first East Tennessee colleges to make available liberal arts courses in a program designed for the working adult.

The Gateway is the general education core which ensures that Tusculum College students develop evidence that they possess the skills, knowledge, values and qualities of character they need to be productive, successful citizens.

As they work in their courses to achieve the criteria of the competencies, students become aware of their own strengths and areas needing improvement.

The Gateway focuses on enhancing (1) students’ Foundational Skills, which encompass Writing, Analytical Reading, Public Speaking, Reflective Judgment, Information Literacy, Mathematics, Computer Literacy, as well as (2) students practices of virtue: Self-Knowledge, Civility and Ethics of Social Responsibility.

The Gateway accommodates those who have previous college credit as well as those who have never attended college. Students enrolled in the Gateway curriculum are degree- seeking, as they are classified as freshmen and sophomore students completing general education core requirements and/ or elective credit courses.

Upon completion of the core course requirements, students may choose to enter the Bachelor of Science in Management, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Behavioral Health Concentration or the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with licensures available in Elementary K-6 and Early Childhood PreK-3 program to attain their undergraduate degree.


The general objectives of the Gateway are as follows:

  1. To introduce students to the liberal arts
  2. To provide the basis for continued intellectual growth
  3. To develop the student’s ability to apply broad general knowledge to concrete practical problems
  4. To extend opportunities for professional growth

Students are counseled regarding which courses they need to take in the Gateway curriculum by the professional academic advisors. Students already enrolled in another program may elect to enroll in individual specific Gateway courses they need, without registering for the entire Gateway semester.