The Social Media Management Minor/Concentration provides students with an overview of the emerging field of Social Media.

As companies identify their social media strategies, presence and fill social media positions within their organizations, the field is growing. Students will be introduced to strategies, fit to organization, networking, virtual and physical supply chain, capital funds procurement through crowd funding and change management.

Additionally, the minor will explore marketing initiatives to achieve organizational goals, branding of organizations via social media outlets and exploration of all avenues of social media channels. The legal aspects of engaging in commerce on the Internet, risk management of social media strategies and the pros and cons for organizations in utilizing social media campaigns and strategies for growth will also be covered.

Knowledge of social media is quickly becoming a point of differentiation in organization’s job descriptions and hiring practices.

Entrepreneurs or those with goals to engage in e-commerce, create brand identity or a social presence are encouraged to explore this Social Media Minor/Concentration. Business students can earn a concentration in Social Media by completing any three of the five required courses.


Program prerequisite: Computer Literacy or Permission of the instructor/Dean
CISC 332 Electronic Commerce (prerequisite of CISC 200)
MGMT 442 Social Media Risk and Regulation
MGMT 444 Social Marketing
MGMT 446 Social Media Strategy
MGMT 449 Business Applications of Social Media
Total: 15 semester hours