The Marketing Minor/Concentration provides students with an analytical understanding of marketing decision-making.

Students will be able to research, analyze, interpret, disseminate and present the information that organizations need to (a) secure new customers as well as satisfy and retain current ones, (b)
build brand equity and maximize return on investment and (c) develop innovative goods and services based on customer needs.

Students graduating with the Marketing Minor will be able to use a wide range of tools and techniques from fields as diverse as sociology, psychology, anthropology, information technology and economics, all taught within the Marketing Minor/Concentration.

They will be able to leverage information technology and knowledge to support innovation in virtually all areas of business, non-profit enterprises and government. As a discipline with broad applications, the Marketing Minor/Concentration offers flexible career paths and work styles. Graduates with marketing knowledge are in demand in almost every department of any organization.

Business students can earn a concentration in Marketing by completing any three of the five required courses.


Program prerequisite: BUSN 305 or MGMT 431
MGMT 433 Marketing Research
MGMT 441 Consumer Behavior
MGMT 444 Social Media and Mobile Marketing
MGMT 445 Integrated Marketing Communication
MGMT 447 Sales Management
Total: 15 semester hours