Tusculum College’s approach is different because of our Focused Block Calendar!

What is it? During two 8-week blocks each semester, Tusculum’s Focused Block Calendar allows you to tailor your schedule to fit your lifestyle and your goals. Focus and become by living and breathing each subject, forming a true learning community.

Your experience at Tusculum will be different from that at almost any other college in the United States. So, get ready for hands-on experience, personal attention and real thinking as you explore a variety of fields and then immerse yourself in a major (or two!).

Working side by side with dedicated professors, applying what you learn and receiving regular feedback, and learning to work as a team with diverse students from 36 states and 19 countries.

You will gain the focus, research experience and creative thinking skills that will prepare you for graduate school or career success because you will be connecting what you do in class to real solutions that make the world a little better.

If you’re self-disciplined, curious, motivated to learn and want to be all you can, then our Focused Block Calendar will take you anywhere you want to go.