top_outside_04Tusculum is one of the most affordable private colleges in the country.

Tusculum 2018-2019 tuition, room and board. Financial Aid can reduce your cost significantly.

Tuition $24,860
Standard Room & Board
Village Apt. Room & Board
Total cost of attendance $34,050 – $34,750

Approximately 97 percent of residential students receive some form of financial aid, based on need, academics, athletic merit, service and/or leadership.

Find out how to apply at or by calling 423-636-7312.

At Tusculum, accepted students are automatically considered for merit scholarships and grants.

To begin the application process:

Although you can apply any time, it’s best to apply as soon as possible after October 1, if you wish to be considered for financial aid.

Requesting financial aid does not affect the admissions decisions.